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Magnet info

Snag resistant magnet holder


These magnets have been designed to resist snagging, obviously in a river full of all sorts of obstructions this can never be eliminated but can be reduced significantly by eliminating the need for an eye bolt and the tapered design of the holder will easily lift over most obstructions leaving you with a smooth travel across the river bed allowing you to feel when the magnet has found something of interest rather than thinking it may have something but has really just got snagged (again)!

These magnet holders are all hardened and Nickel plated

60Kg Neodymium magnet


These magnets have a 60Kg pull seen here in the picture lifting a solid steel bar weighing approx 48Kg with a poor surface finish unless your hoping to pull a full sunken ship out of the river these magnets are strong enough for most finds



This is a snag resistant magnet holder hardened & Nickel plated with a 60Kg pull neodymium magnet 

Rope & carabine hook


15 metres of three strand rope made from double - twinned polypropylene yarns giving the rope very good grip, robust construction & abrasion resistant with a carbine hook



Fully PCV coated gloves, tough flexible pvc coated gloves with knitted wrists