Interesting finds


What can it be?

  1. Is it a sub-machine gun?
  2. Is it an unexploded World War 2 bomb?
  3. Is it a hunting knife?
  4. Is it a jewel encrusted Saxon sword?


Family fun

With magnet fishing anything can be found from old ancient relics & coins, guns, knives, bikes to scrap metal items like exhausts, shopping trolleys and rusty nails.

More interesting finds


Historical finds

Here we see my lad with our finds after a successful fishing trip in the river Loxley (from the Robin Hood legend) and as you can see we have the remains of one of Robin Hood's arrows itself, an exhaust off a WW2 Spitfire, a tin opener & wallpaper scraper dated from the Anglo Saxon era and a Viking dagger probably from the 8th century viking invasion